Zirconia Crowns

Using biocompatible zirconia and patented design features, Sprig’s EZCrowns® for kids are designed to look and function just like natural teeth while offering the best retention and ease of seating in the industry. These crowns are designed to create longer-lasting mechanical bonds to give kids the confidence they need to create the interpersonal bonds that matter. Parents, when your child needs a dental crown, don't fret. Dental crowns are a common procedure for kids. In addition, Pulp Therapy can help keep your child's teeth healthy and strong.

White Crowns For Kids Q&A

Finally - Tooth-Colored Crowns for Kids!

Sprig EZCrowns® are tooth-colored, prefabricated ceramic crowns especially designed just for kids! They are created from a solid block of zirconia, much like highly esthetic crowns made for adults. Each crown is color-matched to your child’s tooth, making them very smooth, shiny, and impermeable to staining.

What are the Benefits of Tooth-Colored Crowns for Kids?

Like stainless steel crowns, zirconia crowns are exceptionally strong. Baby teeth crowns are sometimes necessary when your child’s baby tooth has been damaged or is too decayed to support a filling. Placing a crown on a baby tooth helps to protect the remaining tooth structure and allows the baby tooth to function normally until it is ready to fall out on its own. An immature permanent tooth crown may be necessary when your child’s permanent tooth is damaged or has not developed correctly. Placing a crown on an immature permanent tooth helps to protect the remaining tooth structure and allows the permanent tooth to develop correctly. Sprig EZCrowns® are an excellent option for your child’s dental needs.